supporting the locals

We live in a consumer society dominated by huge multinationals that literally run the world. Globalisation has lowered consumer prices, but at the same time, has lowered the quality of most products and had a very negative impact on the lives of people and on the environment. Within this context, local economies based on human relations and quality services struggle to survive.

At the Orri, we choose the products we buy and the companies we work with critically, trying very hard to support the local economy as much as possible and to avoid supporting the 'big boys' who don't share any of our ideals.

During the 3 years of the initial construction project of our lodge, we worked with a series of local building professionals, and over the years, we have maintained a working relation with many of them. Some have participated in other smaller projects we've undertaken; others come back to do regular maintenance work on a regular basis.

In terms of supplying the Orri, we also wanted to support the local economy: the network of more than 30 food suppliers that we've created over the years includes many people living in our immediate area, and many others who work in the Roussillon (our region of France) or in Catalonia (just across the border, in Spain).

favoring local products favoring the pockets of multinational corporations
a farmer's market market of the food industry